Building acoustics and living quarter

Otospro technicians work with designers and foremen to achieve the insulation and acoustic comfort required by current regulations, national and international technical standards.
You can find below some examples of our activities:

  • Acoustic design for open spaces- offices- canteens- libraries
  • Calculation of passive acoustic requirements for buildings (RAP) according to D.P.C.M. 5/12/97
  • Sound insulation measures
  • Reverberation time measurements
  • Measurements of noise in residential buildings
  • Comfort and acoustic intelligibility measurement
  • On-site assistance
  • Acoustic testing of buildings
  • Projects for the improvement of building acoustics according to D.P.C.M. 5/12/97
  • Building acoustics improvement projects with predictive models to optimize sound insulation and acoustic parameters for a better understanding of speech and music
  • Continuous acoustic monitoring with alerts sent by e-mail when the agreed thresholds exceed.