Noise and vibration

Measures, noise impact assessments and remediation plans

About us

Otospro was born from the commitment of professionals who have combined their skills and experience to offer the most thorough preparation in technical and legislative field.
Our technicians are:

  • competent in environmental acoustic field and they all have regional recognition;
  • certified CICPND ACCREDIA in acoustics – sound- vibrations (level II/III) in Metrology and Acoustics Assessment’s area.

Each technician follows the professional refresher courses in compliance with Law n.4 of 14/01/2013.

Our activities

Our technicians work in Italy and abroad in the following fields:

Noise measurements

Noise impact assessment

Acoustic improvement plans

Vibration measurements

Building acoustics and living quarter

Consultations and technical memoranda

Our references

More than


industrial plants that we periodically monitor

More than


authorised acoustic impact forecasts


TAR sentences and the Council of State in favour

Our customers produce


GW/year thermoelectric energy 


GW/year hydroelectric energy


GW/year wind/solar energy


Ton/year steel

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