Noise measurements

Workplaces and outdoor surveys

Otospro specializes in noise measurements and conformity assessment related to the limits set by the current regulations and technical specifications.
1. Outdoor measurements
Instruments’ technical characteristics and the possibility of monitoring with several sound level meters allow us to detection plants and infrastructures’ noise.
Time, statistical, frequency and acoustic propagation analyses with audio recordings improve the recognition of sound sources.

2. Acoustic and anemometric measurements of wind turbines
The use of sound level meters and anemometers operating in synchronous mode allows to characterize the acoustic impact of wind turbines in relation to wind speed and direction, allowing the comparison before and after the operation in homogeneous conditions.

3. Continuous monitoring with alerts when agreed thresholds exceed
The measuring units allow continuous monitoring of sound levels and automatic sending of alerts/visual warnings when set sound thresholds are exceeded. The foreman can then identify the type of noisy activity and intervene to mitigate it. The monitoring system can be associated with dynamic activity control systems and a weather station to report critical propagation conditions.

4. Measures in the working environment
Surveys in workplace allow the identification of the activities and facilities that most contribute to the determination of the operators’ exposure’s levels. The assessments are conducted in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the guidelines prepared by the control bodies and include the calculation of ‘suitability of PPE.
The skills and experience acquired in the design of noise mitigation interventions allow the preparation of an effective corporate program to reduce noise exposure (PARE).

5. Identification and characterization of disturbing sound sources
Through an evaluation process that first involves simpler methods and only then more complex protocols, we can identify all the sound sources that determine the exceeding limits.

6. Testing and conformity assessment related to limits, specifications and certification of machines and equipment
The accurate verification of the acoustic performance allows manufacturers and users to avoid that the sound contribution of new systems determines the exceeding of the limits provided by law and purchase specifications. Machineries/equipment’s certification is carried out according to national and international standards.